Git failed with a fatal error. fatal: early EOF解决办法

git config –global –add core.compression -1 


An integer -1..9, indicating a default compression level. -1 is the zlib default. 0 means no compression, and 1..9 are various speed/size tradeoffs, 9 being slowest. If set, this provides a default to other compression variables, such as core.loosecompression and pack.compression. – From Git Manpage

compression 是压缩的意思,从 clone 的终端输出就知道,服务器会压缩目标文件,然后传输到客户端,客户端再解压。取值为 [-1, 9],-1 以 zlib 为默认压缩库,0 表示不进行压缩,1..9 是压缩速度与最终获得文件大小的不同程度的权衡,数字越大,压缩越慢,当然得到的文件会越小。

这之后再尝试了一次 clone,works perfectly 🙂

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